Immune System Facts

A recent study funded by Wellcome Trust and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation revealed some astonishing statistics.

These statistics do not reveal something new, they make sense of something we have already known.

We are more susceptible to some illnesses as seasons change and we have learned to protect ourselves in those seasons. The assumption within our activities is that we need to project ourselves from an outside source.

In this research, scientist tested 22,822 genes and found that 23% of these genes significantly change their expression as seasoned changed.

Increase in immune system in colder months is part of this change in gene expression. You might think that is a good thing.
However, part of immune system defense system is increase in overall body inflammation. The condition for those who suffer from immune system related diseases such as arthritis worsens.

Psychiatric illnesses 1 have also shown to have seasonal patterns.

Even blood cellular make up changes by season and are different based on geographic locations like UK and Africa.

How to improve immune system may take a complete turn as the additional research is conducted. With this research opens doors to finding more effective treatments or at least relief from those illnesses related to  with high seasonal dependencies.